Application flow

  1. Please fill out the necessary information on the application form below and apply.
  2. Only winners will be contacted by email.
  3. Please complete the payment procedure within the deadline from the URL provided in the winning email. 
    Payment method: Credit card/PayPay/Rakuten Pay (online payment)/AmazonPay/convenience store payment
  4. After confirming payment, we will ship the item.

Lottery sales schedule

Application period: April 6, 2023 (Thursday) 8:00 to April 13, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59
Winning announcement: Early May 2023 * Email only to winners
Payment deadline: Within 7 days after winning email is sent
Product shipping time: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

Notification of winning, product delivery, and notes

  1. The winners will be selected after a strict lottery from among the applicants.
  2. Winners will be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address they entered when applying. We will not contact you if you are unsuccessful.
  3. If the product cannot be delivered due to the winner's unknown address, unknown new address, long-term absence, etc., the winning will be invalidated.
  4. If payment is not made by the payment deadline, the winning will be invalidated, and after a re-lottery, an email will be sent to the advance winner.
  5. Products are usually scheduled to be shipped within 3 business days after confirmation of payment. Please note that the shipment of the product may be delayed due to circumstances.
  6. You can also apply from overseas. We will inform you about the EMS shipping fee after winning. *Please note that we cannot deliver to some areas where EMS acceptance from Japan has been suspended
  7. Payment methods are credit card/PayPay/Rakuten Pay (online payment)/Amazon Pay/convenience store payment.
  8. We do not accept requests for delivery dates, delivery times, or delivery companies
  9. Products cannot be transferred or resold to a third party. If it is discovered, we will restrict the use of this site.

Estimated EMS shipping fee

▼ Asia
Weight: Up to 0.5 kg
¥1,600 JPY

Weight: 0.51kg–1kg
¥2,100 JPY

Weight: 1.1kg–2kg
¥3,300 JPY

▼ Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East, Europe
Weight: up to 0.5 kg
¥3,400 JPY

Weight: 0.51kg–1kg
¥3,700 JPY

Weight: 1.1kg–2kg
¥6,100 JPY

▼ South America/Africa
Weight: up to 0.5 kg
¥3,900 JPY

Weight: 0.51kg–1kg
¥4,100 JPY

Weight: 1.1 kg–2 kg
¥7,300 JPY

The lottery application period has ended.

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