3/25 AM10:00-Sales start UNISUS PPF / D / Mic*Itaya (+ZINE)


UNISUS PPF / D / Mic*Itaya (+ZINE)UNISUS PPF / D / Mic*Itaya (+ZINE)
UNISUS PPF / D / Mic*Itaya (+ZINE)
UNISUS PPF / D / Mic*Itaya (+ZINE)

*Soft vinyl and zine are sold as a set.
*A special drawstring tote bag is included as a package.

Production: Hollow Workshop

Unisus is the most powerful fictional creature that can move freely through time and space. PPF stands for Past Present Future, and Unisus PPF is an elliptical collection with two centers, and has a soul and heart that integrates opposing things.

The project started with the aim of creating soft vinyl as an art piece. Once the prototype was made, the mold was made, the paint was applied, and the sample was completed, there was an opportunity to think about the materials and paints to be used. Once again, when I listened to the on-site staff about the soft vinyl production process and the background of production, I learned that in soft vinyl production, surplus materials are generated due to the production method, and that some products are rejected during inspection. Knew. We considered whether it would be possible to take Unisus from an individual work to a concept by making use of these properly processed materials. As a result, although the colors and quantities vary, I decided to use these materials instead of disposing of them and create Unisus without painting. All 20 parts are different colors, so no Unisus is the same. Learning from the past, the present is the beginning of an adventure towards the future.


Graduated from Tama Art University. Visual artist and designer. He is a romantic who draws angels and goddesses with elegant lines and loves the sparkle of the sun and stars. Since his childhood, his paintings have been noticed and presented to Madame Imelda of President Marcos, demonstrating his talent. While attending art school, he began working in painting, design, fashion, and music, and his cassette magazine TRA is permanently preserved at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In recent years, he has also been involved in supervision and production related to art and traditional crafts.
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