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BOX価格 : ¥440 JPY

カプセル価格 : ¥400 JPY

販売価格¥2,640 6 pack



A full-fledged lineup that you can collect and play! Do it yourself how to play!
This time, we have a lineup of popular DIY products!

*This is a box type product containing 6 pieces.

■ Lineup
All 6 types

1, Gel Grip Hammer / Hyper Scraper 200 (Hammer 4cm, Scraper 3.5cm)
2, Tool Wagon Royal( Height 6.5cm)
3, Torx® L-shaped wrench/Ball grip driver/Crystaline driver(Crystaline driver 3.5cm)
4, Leg light telescopic type(height 7cm)
5,Hip paint can (+ paint roller)(height 2.5cm)
6, G-lock-25 (5.5m meter scale) (2.5cm)

*Inside () is the approximate size.


■ Target age
15 years old or older

■Made in China
Made in China

TORX® and Torx® are registered trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties LLC. Vessel is a full licensee of US Acument Intellectual Properties LLC.
Planning and production/publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

*Please make a reservation after understanding the contents of the following [★ Contents].

*You cannot choose the contents.
*There is a possibility that the contents will be covered.

[Remarks] The image on
is a sample under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

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