Munyu's miniature mascot vol.2



BOX価格 : ¥440 JPY

カプセル価格 : ¥400 JPY

販売価格¥2,640 6 pack



Stuffed toy artist Munyu
Munyu is a popular stuffed animal artist who creates unusual items such as strange toys and interior decorations, mainly strange stuffed animals. "Munyu"'s stuffed toy is now available as his fluffy flocky miniature!

This is a lovely new product with a feeling that makes you want to touch it and a palm-sized product that rolls around.

This time, two new types of "Pukurumi" and "Spin" are available in colorful colors.
By adding it to the first pastel color lineup, it will be more pop and you can enjoy the lively and fun world created by Mr. Munyu.

An original sticker drawn by him will be included as a purchase bonus on a first-come, first-served basis.

*This is a box type product containing 6 pieces.

■ Lineup
6 types in total
1. Puku Bunny
2. Banana Milpuku
3. Puktatio
4. Supimaron
5. Speech
6. Supiprun

ABS, PVC, Nylon

■ Target age
15 years old or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

Planning and Production / Publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

*Please make a reservation after understanding the contents of the following [★ Contents].

*You cannot choose the contents.
*There is a possibility that the contents will be covered.

[Remarks] The image on
is a sample under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

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