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Works exhibited at Rina Yoshioka's solo exhibition "WA-GO! Japanese/Business -WA (Japanese) Positive Heart-" held in February 2023.
With the theme of "yang" in human emotions, the motifs are Japanese lucky charms and are drawn with Rina Yoshioka's unique Showa touch.
It is a work that allows you to fully enjoy the auspicious and auspicious atmosphere.

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"WA-GO! Japanese/Business" Exhibition
WA-GO (和/工) has the same sound as harmony, and harmony means to get along with each other.

"WA Positive Heart" Part 1 @VINYL GALLERY
With a harmonious image, the theme is lucky charms, celebrations of hare, festivals, amulets, gods, and pull cards (a pop advertisement in the Edo period). It made me want to look at it from an angle and draw it.
"WA (Japanese) Positive Heart" Part 1
2023.2.11 sat. ~ 2.23 thu.
open: 8:00 ~ 22:00 / Sundays and the last day of consecutive holidays: 8:00 ~ 21:00 [Closes at 19:00 on the last day of the exhibition, 2/23 (Thursday)]
@ VINYL GALLERY JR Tokyo station premises Gransta Tokyo 1F VINYL
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
The exhibition period and opening hours are subject to change. For details, please check the VINYL official site .
acrylic paint on illustration board / framed
Rina Yoshioka
Perhaps because I was born and raised in the southern part of Kawasaki, I am drawn to the shady customs and culture of the Showa era. He has created Showa mood illustrations for book covers and CD jackets.

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