Sofubi Tribal Tattoo Paint / Jomon 2 / Tsutomu Oshima



A one-of-a-kind soft vinyl self-painted by Japan's leading tribal tattooist, Tsutomu Oshima. Ken Elephant's Sofubi Studio / Hollow Studio made the elephant drawn by Ito Jakuchu, a painter who was active in the Edo period, into a three-dimensional figure, and Tsutomu Oshima drew a tribal design with various meanings on the sofubi. It is the first attempt by Tsutomu Oshima to draw a design on a three-dimensional object, and it is a rare collector's item.

In commemoration of the publication of Tsutomu Oshima's first book "Itteki no Kuro" (published by Ken Ele Books), the exhibition "TABU" will be held at VINYL GALLERY from Saturday, June 11 to Thursday, June 23, 2022. was produced in conjunction with

It is painted with acrylic paint and oil pen on soft vinyl.


SIZE: W65✕H145✕D170mm



Tsutomu Oshima “One Drop of Black Traveling Tribal Tattoo” Publication Commemorative Exhibition “TABU”

2022.6.11 sat. ~ 6.23 thu.

In commemoration of the publication of the first book "One drop of black Traveling Tribal Tattoo" by Japan's leading tribal tattooist, Tsutomu Oshima, this book includes portraits of Oshima's representative tattoos taken by KENTA UMEDA. , We will exhibit and sell original soft vinyl works with hand-drawn design drawings and hand paintings.

A drop of black Traveling Tribal Tattoo
Tsutomu Oshima [Author]

Published by Ken Ele Books Publication date: June 23, 2022

Tasuku Oshima's career as a tattooist, which began as a backpacker earning pocket money, eventually turned into fieldwork seeking tattoos of ethnic groups around the world. A collection of essays containing Oshima's tattoo works photographed by KENTA UMEDA in a travel record that depicts the real history of tribal tattoos in various countries and the present.


Taku Oshima

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1970. Head of the tattoo studio "APOCARIPT". Specializes in tribal tattoos and blackwork that engrave solid black patterns. He researches ethnic tattoos that remain in various parts of the world and incorporates them into contemporary tattoo designs. In 2016, together with journalist Keroppi Maeda, he started a project called “JOMON TRIBE” to creatively revive Jomon culture into the modern world.


[Photo] Born in Tokyo in 1985. photographer. Modern prayers, paganism, dances and festivals. After getting a tattoo, he became interested in the tattooed body and began photographing the Jomon tribe.


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