MINIATURE LIFE COLLECTION 2019 CALENDAR Japanese Folktales / (Author) Tatsuya Tanaka


Over 1.4 million Instagram followers!!
Tatsuya Tanaka, a miniature photographer who is attracting attention from all over the world, uses figurines in collaboration with Kaiyodo to express familiar folk tales in a unique way. It is a desk calendar with all taken photos.

[Author profile]
Miniature photographer and model writer. His photographs of everyday objects cut out from a miniature perspective have become popular, and his Instagram followers have surpassed 1.4 million (as of July 2018). ``It is also known that he was in charge of the title back of NHK's continuous TV novel "Hiyokko" in 2017.

Size: A5 deformation (197mm x 154mm, free standing type)

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