Parallel Donuts Okiku. BAOBAB (main color)



Parallel Donuts vol.01 Okiku. BAOBAB (main color)
2021 PVCWith ZINE/

Parallel Donuts vol.02 "BAOBAB (main color)" designed by oki-chu.
2021 PVC / with a hand puppet & comic(12page)

ABOUT Parallel Donuts

"mograg gallery" and Ken Elephant's "Hollow Workshop" collaboration art soft vinyl series

Parallel Donuts is the art sofvi series created in collaboration with "mograg gallery" and "chuku-koubou" that is Kenelephant's sofvi studio.


Oki-chu. | oki-chu.

Born in 1979. A painter who draws a colorful and humorous inner universe that can be seen on the other side from the iconography that is drawn by unconscious automatism (automatic writing). In addition, together with Motoko Ota, he runs “mograg gallery” and proposes “Japanese lowbrow art” as an attitude to enjoy “current” art with interesting artists.

Born in 1979. He is a painter who draws colorful and humorous universes in his brain from the images he draws by unconscious automatism. He also runs "mograg gallery" with Motoko Ohta, and proposes "Japanese lowbrow art" as an attitude to enjoy "current" art with interesting artists.

Instagram: @oki.chu
Twitter: @oki_chu

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