Men Men + Signed ZINE Set



A stuffed toy exhibited and sold at Satsuki Amemiya's mini solo exhibition "Pandai Kazokuten".
Touch, look at, go out, and give lots of love!
Enjoy the world of Satsuki Amemiya's "meaningless but cute" pandas!!

The zine is autographed by Satsuki Amemiya.

Weight: 700g

Satsuki Amemiya

Using expressions such as animation, illustrations, and stuffed animals, he creates works with the theme of "meaningless but cute things." Original animation was aired on a TV children's program, published a collection of works "Mokyu Mokyu Yokai Plush Toy Exhibition", and is active in holding numerous solo exhibitions. In addition, as a member of the analog switch theater company, he is also in charge of actors and goods illustrations.


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