MY GHOST BEAR / sky / umao



"Mischievous ghost bear-chan. What should we do today?" Such a mischievous bear who loves to dress like a ghost has become a soft vinyl "MY GHOST BEAR".

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of hand-painted by Mr. umao on a soft vinyl made at Hollow Studio.

The Ghost Bear is a prankster. What shall we do today?" The prankster bear who loves to dress up as a ghost is now available as a soft vinyl "MY GHOST BEAR".

This one- of-a-kind soft vinyl figure is hand painted by Umao .

Total height 110mm / Height 110mm


He lives in Tokyo and graduated from the Faculty of Design at Kyoto Seika University. As an illustrator since 2016, he has been active in media such as books, advertisements, and the web. He likes animals and the color blue.

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