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Soft vinyl

Han Han

I have been obsessed with drawing since I was a child. I also liked to sandwich strange things with clay.
Furthermore, when I was a child, when I finished eating, I used what was on the plate to mend the little things in my heart.
Therefore, I must have been a strange child from other people's point of view.
Because I was thinking strange things in my head, I may have felt lonely when I was young.
But when I make small creatures and cute things, the loneliness disappears.
You can also do the same magic by drawing your thoughts on the canvas.
It's like you're close to my heart
You can create while feeling pure happiness without feeling inferiority or loneliness.
At first, my creation was to heal myself Now for all jobs
more cautious I want to make everyone who sees my work smile.

I really love cities, fluffy animals, and small cute things.
I also love traveling Even just taking a walk in the park near your home can lead to unexpected surprises.
If you find a strange leaf while walking, put it in the corner of the picture.
I write down everything I see and feel, even if it happens only for a moment.
Anxiety ambushes me quite often I will blow all that anxiety into my notebook
My inspiration is everything I encounter in my life


I have been infatuated with drawing since my childhood.
I also loved to pinch some weird stuff with clay.
Even more when I’m done eating in childhood,
I use what’s on my plate to patch up a little thing in my mind.That made me a freak kid in others opinion.
Maybe it's the weird thoughts in my head that led to the unrecognized and loneliness in my early life.
However, the loneliness is gone when I’m making little creatures and cuties.
Also drawing my thoughts on the canvas can do the same magic to me.
It feels like they are accompanying me.
I can only feel pure happiness while creating them without any inferiority and solitary.
At first, my creation is trying to heal myself.
Now I’m much more circumspect to all my work. I want to put a smile on everyone’s face who sees my art.

I really love cities, fluffy animals and any tiny little cute stuff.
I love to travel.Sometimes even taking a walk to the park near my home can lead me to unexpected surprises.
If I find a weird looking leaf on my way, I will put it into a corner of my paintings.
Everything that I feel and see is going to be drawn down in my notebook no matter if it's just a flash in my mind or not.
Anxiety ambushes me quite often.I also spray all the anxiety on my note too.
My inspiration is everything that comes across in life.


So I'm confused about the painting, and I'm happy to use it.
When I was a child, after eating a meal, the food I used on the board came to supplement my imagination.
I'm in someone else's eyes

Also correct, I have a bizarre imagination under the sea.
However, when I am a cute little creature, I feel lonely and disappear.
Imagination in the sea under the screen, and the same magical power as I was alive
Impressed by the feeling of being directly accompanied by me, when I am creating, I just feel pure pleasure, feeling of solitude and loneliness

From the beginning, my creation is done by treating myself, now I am more careful to wait for my own work I think of each and every one of my works of art, full of laughter

[creative spirit]
I am very fond of Ai City, a cute little east and west with mushroom-like animals.
My Passionate Trip When the weather was right, I was just walking around the park near my house.
Just like I'm on the road, I'm a bizarre Yoko
The moment of flash in the sea is unmanageable, the return is another feeling and observation,
Continuous attack on me I am also in writing
Everything in my life

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