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The exhibition “HELLO IN THE WORLD SOFVI!! Konichiwa in soft vinyl ~” will also be sold at the Ken Elephant official online store.

Don't miss this opportunity to gather sofubi from around the world! !

*It may take longer than the normal shipping time (within 3 business days). Please note
*It may take longer than the normal shipping time (within 3 business days). Please note.

Other 「HELLO IN THE WORLD SOFVI!! ~” collection



Soft vinyl


A small studio that manufactures and sells original soft vinyl that makes you feel nostalgic, cute, and can't be found anywhere else.
Starting in 2020
Tsubametoy is a maker of original soft vinyl toys.

Rin Yoshimura, Hitomi Yoshimura

Doll artist and sculptor Born in Niigata Prefecture
Mainly ceramics at solo and special exhibitions Exhibiting and presenting works that use
From 2020, Tsubame Toy will start soft vinyl design and prototype production.
I like old things like antiques
I want to make old things and things that fit in with the natural scenery.


A small workshop that produces and sells original soft vinyl products that are nostalgic, cute, and unlikely to be found anywhere else.
We are a small workshop that manufactures and sells original soft vinyl products.
Starting from 2020.

Doll artist and modeling artist Born in Niigata Prefecture.
She has exhibited her works mainly using ceramics at solo exhibitions and special exhibitions.
Started designing and creating prototypes of soft vinyl toys at Tsubame Toys in 2020.I like antiques and other old things.
I want to make things that fit in with old things and natural scenery.

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Swallow toys
A small workshop of soft glue toys from a family,
A kind of old, cute, similar

Rin Yoshimura
Personal artist, Japanese-style artist,
Birthplace: Niigata, Japan;
Since 2020, we have started to produce swallow toys, soft glue toy design and prototype production.
她 歭 歭 古東和 Other antique east and west, hopeful creative creation, natural scenery and restoration of antique aesthetics fusion work

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