Acrylic Tag Plate / P / NEWSED



This is a product made from scraps of decorative acrylic with distinctive colored patterns.

Infinite patterns can be created by combining random colors with letters such as alphabets and katakana.

This is the only tag plate in the world where you can enjoy discovery.

Design/B6 studio
Acrylic/metal fittings
"NEWSED" is an upcycle brand that revives things that have become old by looking at them from a new perspective.
To date, we have created a variety of products that make use of scraps of xylophone keyboards and seatbelts, including the "Acryl Tag Plate" made from scraps of acrylic leftover from factories that produce accessory parts and store fixtures. We develop and manufacture .
We don't just make the best use of materials, but we develop products while emphasizing the production background behind waste materials and remnants, creating a story about why they are reborn in that form.

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