VINYL Graphic long-sleeved T-shirt / PELOQOON / Visceral monster / White



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S size: (Length) 65 x (Width) 49 x (Shoulder width) 42 x (Sleeve length) 60 cm
M size: (Length) 69 x (Width) 52 x (Shoulder width) 45 x (Sleeve length) 62 cm
L size: (Length) 73 x (Width) 55 x (Shoulder width) 48 x (Sleeve length) 63 cm
XL size: (Length) 77 x (Width) 58 x (Shoulder width) 52 x (Sleeve length) 64 cm
Peloqoon (Madoka Morikawa)
The brand was named by stuffed animal artist Madoka Morikawa after her dog's gesture, "Pelo-Pero, Kun-Kun".
The stuffed animal that was created out of fear that cute creatures overlap with cruelty and sensuality is cute and grotesque.

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