Dream Rocket SAME: Pearl Blue



"Shark SAME: Pearl Blue"

"Pearl Blue" is a VINYL limited edition color. Note the luster that makes the scales look slimy.

The attacked human (Steve) is removable. You can of course decorate it like in the photo, but you can also put it on your back.

[From the artist]

I think I was strongly influenced by the movie "Jaws" that I saw when I was in 6th grade, but for me, sharks are real monsters, more monsters than monsters.
That's why I made it as a soft vinyl monster, not a scale model of a shark.


Height 180mm / Height 180mm



Born in 1963 in Tokyo.
I spent my childhood in the midst of the first monster boom, and since then I have lived a life immersed in monsters day and night, up to the present day. In 2003, he couldn't control his love for monsters and established Dream Rocket as a soft vinyl toy maker.


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