Haruna Sudo Exhibition "MAGIC GONE2" Special Set



[Haruna Sudo Exhibition "MAGIC GONE2" Special Set] to commemorate her solo exhibition.
It will be a set of 3 items including the popular item "Rabbit Mascot Keychain".

▼Set Contents
・ One-stroke notepad (4 types of middle page designs)
・Rabbit mascot keychain

VINYL sells goods with illustrations based on her two girls. This exhibition delves further into the story of the two of them, and exhibits and sells original drawings depicting several scenes. “Magic Gone” means that magic is gone, implying that their lives go on even after their omnipotence and impulses have passed.


・One-stroke notepad: H80×W178mm (40 total pages)
・ZINE: H180×W180mm
・Rabbit mascot key chain: H100×W60mm


Haruna Sudo

The girly and strong world view is expressed mainly in monochrome brushstrokes, and the girls who live happily every day are drawn.


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