Pyosu Sofubi Standard Color / Pyosu




The protagonist of "Pyosu Diary".
She knows a lot of friends, so
I want to introduce it to everyone.
Personality is pretty much like her,
An adventurous genius.

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Pyosu / PYOS

Pyosu is a manga artist, character artist, and soft vinyl maker who is also a model.
Many of the characters that have been made into goods are based on the picture diary manga [Pyosu Nikki (*1)] in which he is the main character.
My special skill is dreaming. Ever since he was a baby, he has fulfilled his dream of debuting as a soft vinyl artist, and even now, he has many big dreams.

(*1) Pyosu diary
From the events of that day, to the philosophy of pain and love that exploded Pyosu's sensibilities, to the loose daily life with her friends in her head, it's as if you're peering into Pyosu's brain. Its ever-changing development has earned it a cult following.
Rumor has it that the nostalgia will make you cry for some reason.
Updated every night on Instagram Stories!



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