Jim Woodling "Poochytown" Letterpress Print + "PUPSHAW & PUSHPAW" Picture Book Set

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Letterpress print (edition 8) framed and picture book set

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170×170mm (frame size)

The author of "Frank," a story that F.F. Coppola loves to read!
The New York Times praised it as "a work like Gustave Dore met Dali"!

Born in 1952. Originally from LA, USA, lives in Vashon Island, Washington.
Known as the "father of American fantasy comics," he is a genius who is respected by many celebrities and writers around the world. His masterpiece "Frank", which has almost no dialogue, is a mysterious world of imagination that transcends the limits of time and place. There is something kitsch and grotesque
A character that is charming and with whom people from all countries can feel a sense of familiarity.
exist. According to Coppola, "Frank" is "a modern myth."
Guillermo del Toro, director of the Academy Award-winning film The Shape of Water, also paid tribute to Jim, calling him "a true visionary and prophet."

In addition to comics, Jim has always expanded his range of activities internationally, collaborating with animation, toy design, textiles, and fashion brands, and his world view continues to fascinate many musicians. especially
Collaborative projects with jazz musician Bill Friesel, rock band Yolatengo, etc.

Jim, who has won numerous awards for his work, released a new book, One Beautiful Spring Day, in August this year, which brings together recent stories from Frank along with previously unpublished work. Collecting.

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