Fukusuke / Red / ESOW



Art piece "Fukusuke" by ESOW released in August 2022.

Three types of "Fukusuke" with new sizes and colors will be released.

As the first product, we will release "Fukusuke Red".
Two more colors will be released in the future. Production is limited to 600 pieces, 200 pieces each, and will not be reproduced.

The production number is engraved on the bottom, and a special cushion for Fukusuke to sit on and a wooden box are included.
If you take it out of the wooden box and sit Fukusuke on the glossy cushion, the world view as a lucky charm will stand out, as if welcoming the year 2024.

ED: 200 (engraved on the bottom)
Accessories: Exclusive wooden box, exclusive cushion

*This product is scheduled to be shipped around late January.


[Soft vinyl] H210×W200×D150mm
[Wooden box] H270×W235×D235mm
[Cushion] 210×210mm

Soft Vinyl

Born in Tokyo in 1972. He started skateboarding at the age of 13 and moved to the United States at the age of 17. He discovered graffiti and created his own style influenced by his roots in Edo. Based in Asakusa, he has been attracting attention for many years not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His medium of expression is wide and flexible, including paper, walls, timber, and three-dimensional objects. He also collaborates with various brands and companies. He was also a member of T19, a pioneering group in Japanese skate culture, and the Daizu Experiment, which left a mark on the history of graffiti. After working at the atelier/shop/gallery Furai-do in Asakusa underground shopping center, he has continued to actively create from a new atelier he established in Asakusa in 2019.

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