Takao (Double Penis) Ken Elephant ver. / Yukinori Dehara



Soft vinyl produced by Hollow Kobo and Yukinori Dehara
This is "Takao and Miho's Treasure Hall Doll" Ken Elephant ver.

Dehara's handwritten ED/3 stickers included

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Soft Vinyl

Born in 1974 in Bonito, Kochi Prefecture, and raised in beer. Approximately 400 figures and 400 liters of beer are produced each year. He is based in Tokyo and works as a figure illustrator. While working on advertisements for Nike, NEC, Tower Records, Asics Europe, etc., he also holds solo exhibitions as an artist five to six times a year, and has created new works in Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai, Paris, New York, and LA. It is being announced. His books include the collection of works ``DEHARA'', the photo collection ``Satoshi's Wrist Life'', and the picture book ``Vegetable War''. He has designed the character Kinoyama-san for ``Kinoko no Yama'', the jacket for Ikimonogagari's best-of album ``Ikimonogawa'', Kochi's ``Otodo-chan'', and ``Berobero no Kamisama''.

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