Henry #3 / Kamerian.



“Henry” was first unveiled at the solo exhibition “FLASH” held at VINYL.
Magnets are embedded in the joints, allowing parts to be replaced and mixed with other colorings.

With edition (ED10)

[This work uses neodymium magnets]

●Please keep it out of reach of children and people who require supervision.
●If a magnet is accidentally swallowed, it may lead to a life-threatening accident. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and follow instructions.
●Please do not use this product if you are wearing an implantable medical electronic device such as a cardiac pacemaker. Also, please do not approach people who are wearing it. There is a risk of equipment malfunction.

●Please keep away from electronic devices such as mobile phones, analog clocks, magnetic cards, etc. There is a risk of memory contents being destroyed.
●Please be careful when bringing parts containing magnets close together. There is a risk of injury by pinching your fingers or skin.

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Soft vinyl
Kamerian. / Kamerian

Active as a graphic artist both domestically and internationally. Influenced by tattoo art, anime, and manga, he creates a fairy-tale-like and perverted view of the world with strong outlines and colors.


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