ARADOMO! / people 8 (stuffed toy work, one-of-a-kind item)




Continuing to create works that are alive and growing
ARADOMO's people series

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They are creatures that have the same appearance and share the same habitat.
The appearance here refers to what we call uniforms, national costumes, make-up, etc., and the residence refers to the gathering or place to which they belong.
They all wear the same "makeup" around their eyes, regardless of their individual intentions. However, they are completely different creatures with different colors, shapes, and personalities.

ARADOMO Solo Mini Exhibition "ARADOMO!"
April 27, 2021 (Tuesday) - May 10, 2021 (Monday) -solo-mini-exhibition/

people 8  *The first product image is the target work.
(2021 Plush)
ARADOMO / honma hanano
Graduated from Musashino Art University, majoring in textiles.
I make objects and dolls with hair that are shaped like the breath I encounter in my daily life.
Currently active as a textile sculptor based in Tokyo.
instagram: @araaradomo

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