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Im imu amou exhibition held in Kyoto in 2007
"Im imu amou" presented here has attracted a lot of attention, and has since been held in a traveling exhibition in Shanghai.
"Imu imuamou" is a work with the motif of the 11-faced Kannon statue.
It has 10 faces, including the main body, and 11 if you add the faces of those who look at it and admire it.

This is the phosphorescent version.


Born in Taito Ward, Tokyo. Her parents are jewelry craftsmen, and she grew up in an environment where she was familiar with making things. After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School Design Department, she went to England and entered Camberwell College of Arts. While she was in school, she started producing and selling her original character “UAMOU” mainly in Europe. After she graduated, she returned to Japan and established Studio Uamou.
In 2010, she opened an atelier shop in Ueno's commercial facility "2k540".
She loves toys and chocolate, cats and dogs.

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