Numerous famous places that tell the history of Japan
Hot spring resorts full of the power of the earth
Rich climate and unique food culture
Both people and the land are warm and strong
A collection of specialties from the seven prefectures of Kyushu

A lot of sights that talk about Japanese history
The hot spring spot filled with the power of the earth
A rich climate and unique food culture
People and earth are warm and powerfulKyushu collected the specialties of the 7 prefectures

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① [Kagoshima] Saigo Takamori Statue / [Kagoshima] Takamori Saigo Bronze Statue
② [Fukuoka] Karashi Mentaiko
③[Oita] Onsen-ken (Shinfuro)
④[Oita] Limited Express Yufuin Forest / Yufuin no Mori Express Train
⑤ [Kumamoto] Kumamoto Castle / Kumamoto Castle
⑥ [Miyazaki] Taiyo no Tamago (Mango)
⑦ [Saga] Yoshinogari Ruins / [Saga] Yoshinogari Archeological Site
⑧ [Nagasaki] Gunkanjima (Battleship Island)

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[Available locations]
Installed at commercial facilities adjacent to JR Kyushu's main stations and tourist spots in each prefecture of Kyushu This capsule machine is sold only in Kyushu.
*Sales locations and sales areas are subject to change without notice.