Stationery miniature mascot 2nd season


Stationery sommelle/Supervised by Misato Suga
Stationery miniature series 2nd volume

This is a one-box type product.

8 types in total
・Drilling punch DP-30
*Actual product is out of production
*Contains one of them
・All-purpose L-type & safety blade folding device Pocket
・Magic ink large size
・King file Super Dodge Easy 2475A
*Either one is included
・Arabic Yamato Standard NA-150
・Casio Computer Game Calculator "SL-880"

Publisher : Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.
Supervision: Stationery Sommelier Sugamiri

Copyright KING JIM CO., LTD.
(C)2023 OLFA Corp.
"CASIO" stands for Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a registered trademark.
"Magic" and "Magic Ink" are registered trademarks. This product is a certified licensed product of Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. and Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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