Ueno figure souvenir / UENO FIGURE MIYAGE


Ueno Park, home to some of Japan's best art and art institutions,
a lively townscape that retains the traditional "Tokyo" feel,
Ueno's specialty, packed with the nostalgic and
academic charm of the town of Ueno. ``It's a capsule figure.

①Cherry tree in Ueno Onshi Park
②[The Thinker] / The Thinker by Auguste Rodin in the Matsukata Collection
③Giant panda / Giant panda
⑤Ueno Station Building and a female student
⑥Goggle-eyed figurine
⑦Izu Sakae Unajyu (bamboo) / Unaju (grilled eel on rice) of Izuei (Take or bamboo class)
⑧EF58 type 89 electric locomotive / Electric Locomotive EF58 89

JR East commercialization licensed
Supervision: National Museum of Western Art
Supervision: National Museum of Nature and Science
Supervision: Tokyo National Museum
Design planning and production: Kaiyodo Co., Ltd.