Thomas the Tank Engine Scene Collection


A new series of original capsule figures "LuckyDrop" is the "Thomas the Tank Engine Scene Collection". World-famous Kaiyodo Co., Ltd. has elaborately recreated famous scenes from the world-loved TV show "Thomas the Tank Engine." I made it into a palm-sized capsule and packed it into a capsule. A total of 5 types will be released, including the opening scene that heralds the beginning of the anime and impressive scenes from popular episodes.

①Thomas the Tank Engine opening
②Episode 3 Come on, Henry
③Episode 5 Thomas's milk
④Episode 206 It's too much, James
⑤ Tidmouth roundhouse and Sir Topham Hatt

Planning and sales agency: JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd.
Planning production and sales agency: Ken Co., Ltd. Elephant
Made in China