Gunma Railway Collection


This product is sold at major stations in Gunma Prefecture and the Tokyo metropolitan area (some stores are currently closed).

The Lucky Drop series uses advanced modeling technology to precisely reproduce the unique culture of Japan and the charm of each region. This time, in conjunction with the "Gunma Destination Campaign" that has been held since April 1, 2020, we have packed a palm-sized capsule with railways related to Gunma, popular local characters, and tourist attractions. There are a total of 7 types in the lineup, including "E7 Series and Gunma-chan (Stationmaster Ver.)," "SL Gunma Minakami and Tanigawadake," and "Resort Yamadori and Tarusawa Tunnel."

① E7 series and Gunma-chan (Stationmaster Ver.)
② SL Gunma Minakami and Tanigawadake
③ Resort Yamadori and Tarusawa Tunnel
④ Joshin Deki Type 1 + Temu 6 and Tomioka Silk Mill
⑤Kamimo Deha 101 and Kojiko Tumulus of Omuro Tumulus Group
⑥Torokko Wasshi and autumn leaves
⑦Tobu Express Ryomoto Tokuwamaru
Planning and sales agency: JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd.
Planning and production and sales agency: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.
Made in China

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