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Thoroughly reproduce the gimmick and texture! A total of 6 types of miniature figures of familiar gardening tools such as a ``hose reel'', ``manual lawn mower'', ``watering can'', and ``shove'', which are useful for watering.

Introducing essential items for gardening! We have a selection of items that you may have seen at home centers.

Two types of directly managed store limited colors shown in the second image are definitely included!
The red version of the scissors, which is limited to the directly managed store, is included in lineup 4 (cherry tomatoes, scissors & cover), and the same red version of gloves is included in lineup 5 (gloves and boots).

*This is a box type product containing 12 pieces.

6 types in total

1, Life watering can type 8/2 pots (Hokuriku Doi Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
The characteristic side pattern is also well reproduced. The removable "strain net" has been reproduced in detail, down to the nuances of the mesh. Two "pots" that are useful for growing seedlings are also included.
Size: (watering can) width 7.5 x height 2.5cm, (pod) height 1cm

2, rake/sickle/grafted trowel 1303 scoop (Kinboshi Co., Ltd.)
A 3-piece set that is useful for garden maintenance, including a transplanting trowel. The characteristic curvature of each item, as well as the color and metal texture, are expressed through painting. A label is attached to the handle of the sickle to match the actual product.
Size: (rake) total length 4cm, (sickle) total length 5cm, (scoop) total length 4.5cm

3, Manual lawn mower Osuka (SHLC-200) (Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
Reproduces the characteristic shape of large tires. Tires are developed to rotate when pressed. The pattern of the tires and the mesh material of the grass collection bag that stores the cut grass have also been recreated.
Size: Width 5 x Height 7cm

4, Cherry Tomato/Hand Creation/Cover (Sakagen Co., Ltd.)
The scissors can be opened and closed and can be stored in the cover. The stitching part of the cover has also been faithfully reproduced. By combining it with the included cherry tomatoes, you can decorate it with the image of a harvest scene.
Size: (cherry tomato) height 4cm, (scissors) total length 3.5cm

5, light grip (gloves) (Showa Glove Co., Ltd.) / Dry Agri #40 (Boots) (Daiichi Rubber Co., Ltd.)
"Light Grip" also reproduces the special processing of the palm that exhibits a high anti-slip effect. The unique nuances of the fibers on the back of the hand are expressed using tampo printing. Dry Agri boots, which are lightweight and don't get muddy, are notable for their anti-slip soles.
Size: (gloves) total length 3cm, (boots) height 4cm

6, Stenno hose reel (Hataya Limited)
Equipped with a gimmick that makes you think of horse reels! You can stretch the hose and pull it out, or wind it up by turning the handle. The hose is made of silicone and can be moved freely like the actual product. The texture of the handle and drum part was also reproduced with paint.
Size: Width 3.5 x Height 3.5cm

ABS, PVC, paper, silicone

■Target age
15 years or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

Planning and production/distributor: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

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The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.