Ekiben Figure Collection Vol.2


◆Where to purchase
Sold at capsule vending machines at major JR East stations, "NewDays", "BOOK COMPASS", etc.

A popular local ekiben packed in a palm-sized capsule. This time, the second installment of the well-received ekiben contest sponsored by JR East, the “Torimeshi” from Odate Station won the Grand Prix, and the “Torimeshi” from Takasaki Station, which received the most requests from customers for commercialization. Daruma Bento" will be on sale with a total of 6 lineups!

① Niigata Prefecture “Echigo Nagaoka Kisaku Bento”
② Hyogo Prefecture “Hippari octopus rice”
③ Akita Prefecture “Chicken rice”
④ Hokkaido “Ishikari salmon” Meshi”
⑤ Gunma Prefecture “Daruma Bento”
⑥ Yamanashi Prefecture “Tenmusu and Ocha Dobin”

Planning and sales agency: JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd.
Planning and Production / Publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

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