SAKE Miniature Collection Hyogo Nada Gogo Ozeki Edition


A must-see for sake fans! The familiar “Ozeki” from One Cup is now available as an official miniature figure!

In addition to the ``Josen Kinkan One Cup,'' a product that is synonymous with ozeki, there are a total of 5 items in the lineup, including barrel ships that played an important role in the development of ozeki, sake bottles, and barrels. A miniature figure for everyone who loves Japanese sake.

*This is a box type product containing 10 pieces.

All 5 types
1, Selected Kinkan One Cup/Hotei Foods Yakitori sauce flavor
Sake "Anytime, Anywhere" ``Jousen Kinkan One Cup'' is a pioneer of the portable cup sake. This is a long-selling product that has continued to be loved since its release in 1964. The logo, slightly metallic label, and notes written on the cap have been faithfully reproduced.
One cup (W1.4×H2.5cm)/Yakitori (W1.7×H0.65cm)

2, Tokkuri/Choko/Tsukudani
The ozeki logo is placed on the bottom of the choko, just like the real one. By combining it with the included ``oyster tsukudani'', you can recreate the evening drinking scene and enjoy it.
Sake bottle (W1.5×H3cm)/Choko (1.1×H1.4cm)/Tsukudani (W2.4×H0.8cm)

3 , Selected Golden Crown Isho Bottle/Glass
Not only is the ozeki's corporate logo (commonly known as the "Tsuna Mark") designed on the label, but also the fine print on the label. We have developed this product with particular attention to the transparency of the bottles and glasses. The "Ozeki" logo is reproduced on the cap part.
Issho Bottle (W1.4×H5.5cm)/Glass (W0.65×H1.2cm)

4, Top selection Golden crown crown tree Barrel/Masu
A set of komo sake barrels and masu used at celebrations and festivals. This item is inspired by ``Kagami-biraki,'' where the top lid of a sake barrel is removed by hitting it with a mallet and the lid is exchanged with sake. This item, which has a refreshing aroma from the barrel and makes a great gift, has been recreated with great attention to detail, such as the design written on the rope and the koji.
Wooden barrel (W3.1×H3.2cm)/Masu (W1.1×H0.7cm)

5, Barrel ship
A miniature figure of the barrel ship, the ship that transported sake from Nada Gogo to Edo during the Edo period. At that time, Ozeki sake, which was popularly known as ``Manryo,'' was transported by sea from the port of Imazu to Edo on barrel ships. Along with its high-quality taste, it maintains its freshness far better than by land, making it extremely popular as ``Nada's Kudari Sake.''

*The size in parentheses is approximate.

PVC, ABS, paper, iron

■Target age
15 years or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

*This product is an official product of "Ozeki Co., Ltd."
*"One Cup" is a registered trademark of Ozeki Co., Ltd.

Yakitori with sauce
Planned and produced by Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

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