Local Bread® Mini Mini Squishy


BOX価格 : ¥330 JPY

カプセル価格 : ¥300 JPY

販売価格¥3,000 pack of 10



A squishy of the nostalgic and adorable world of local bread®!

Local Bread® Minori Kai, a lover of local bread, came across "local bread" while traveling around the country. Many local breads that are loved by locals have unique ingredients, shapes, names, and origins, and their retro packaging is also attractive.

The product information printed on the package is reproduced with sophistication that it can be read as it is. Of course, the bread in the package is also shaped like the real thing.

*This is a capsule type product containing 10 pieces.

■ Lineup
5 types in total
1, Hokkaido/Takahashi Confectionery Vitamin Castella (width 3 x height 7.5cm)
2, Ishikawa Prefecture/Bread Azumaya・White Sandwich(Width 4.5 × Height 6.5cm)
3, Shiga Prefecture/Kinomoto Tsuruya Pan Main Store・Salad Bread (W3 x H7.8cm)
4, Shizuoka/Banderol Tall Bread(W2.5 x H9.5cm)
5, Hyogo Prefecture/Freshly baked bread Tommie's and Anshoku(W4.5 x H7cm)

*Inside () is the approximate size including the package.

Polyurethane, PP, Iron

■ Target age
12 years old or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

*"Local Bread®" is a registered trademark of Minori Kai.
Planning and production/publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

*Please make a reservation after understanding the contents of the following [★ Contents].

*You cannot choose the contents.
*There is a possibility that the contents will be covered.
*If you open the package of Vitamin Castella, White Sandwich, Salad Bread, and Tall Bread and take out the bread, the package cannot be repaired and cannot be returned to its original state. Thank you for your understanding.

[Remarks] The image shown in
is a sample under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

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