Along with Natsumi from Shinsuke Yoshitake! Friends


The humorous characters from the picture books by illustrator and picture book author Shinsuke Yoshitake are now available in palm-sized figures!

Born in 1973 in Kanagawa Prefecture. He completed the Comprehensive Art Course at the Graduate School of Art, University of Tsukuba.
"It might be an apple" "I can't get it anymore" (all from Bronze Shinsha), "There's a reason", "Natsumi can do anything", "A little bit of pee will leak" (all from PHP Institute) , won 1st place in the MOE Picture Bookstore Award for ``If it's hot, it's better to wear it'' (Hakusensha), and won the 61st Sankei Children's Publishing Cultural Award for Art Award for ``Apples may be''. His books include ``I wish I could fall,'' ``The Mechanism of Sleeping'' (all published by Bronze Shinsha), ``Fuman Ga Irumasu'', ``Akira will open the door for you'' (all published by PHP Institute), and ``Bonnai Boring'' (all published by PHP Institute). Hakusensha), ``Arukashira Shoten'' (Poplar Publishing), and ``To See or Not See'' (Alice-kan). He is a father of two children.

*This is a capsule type product containing 6 pieces.

All 5 types
1. Natsumi-chan
(width 3.8 x height 5cm)
2. A little pee leaking
(width 2.5 x height 5.1cm)
3. Wagomu-chan
(width 3.6×height 5cm)
4. Akira-kun
(width 4.7×height 4.9cm)
5. Pee leaked a lot
(width 2.9 x height 5.7cm)

+ lucky item
miniature Size picture book figures
(width 2.5 x height 2.5cm)


■Target age
15 years or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

©Shinsuke Yoshitake/PHP Institute
Planned, produced and published by: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.


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*First production limited sticker is not included.

Please note
The images shown are samples under development. Actual product may differ slightly.