Stationery miniature mascot 4th season



Over 600,000 pieces produced! The 4th edition of "Stationery Miniature Mascot" supervised by "Stationery Sommelier" will be released in late December. The 4th installment of the popular series "Stationery Miniature Mascot" with over 600,000 pieces produced will be released in late December, with 5 types of familiar long-selling products such as Pentel's "Correction Fluid"

The 4th edition is a lineup of long-selling stationery items whose designs have not changed much over the years, such as Pentel's "Correction Fluid" and Kyowa Co., Ltd.'s "Oband", which everyone from children to adults have seen at school and work.
You can attach it to your bag or pencil case using the included ball chain.

*This is a box type product containing 8 pieces.

All 5 types
1. Pentel Co., Ltd. Correction fluid (boxed)
Size (approx.): Package H4.4 x W1.6cm/ Correction fluid H3.4 x W1.5cm
2. Shachihata Co., Ltd. Shachihata stamp pad 2 COLOR + square stamp
Size (approx.): H3.7 x W3.2cm
3. Kyowa Co., Ltd. Oband 100g box
Size (approx. ): H2.5×W.3.5cm
4. Teranishi Chemical Co., Ltd. Lashon Pen No.300
Size (approx.); H4.6×W2.1cm
5. Kutsuwa Co., Ltd. Kutsuwa Magnet Brush 1 door
Size (approx.): H4.7 x W1.8cm

ABS, PVC, PET, paper, iron

■Target age
15 years or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

Planning, production and sales agency: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

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