Confectionery Miniature Collection Vol.3


BOX価格 : ¥440 JPY

カプセル価格 : ¥400 JPY

販売価格¥2,640 6 pack



Enjoy delicious miniatures of famous confections that will bring you happiness

A new addition to the popular series "Confectionery Miniature Collection" that will continue from 2020.

If you give it along with real sweets, it will be a pleasant surprise and will definitely put a smile on your face.
We will deliver healing items that add color to an ordinary day and make you feel a little warmer.

*This is a box type product containing 6 pieces.

■ Lineup
All 5 types
1. Euheim Co., Ltd. Baumkuchen
2. Sweets Kobai Co., Ltd. Honor Team Drum
3. Dalloyau Japon Co., Ltd. Assorted macaroons
4. Kamakura Beniya Co., Ltd. Kurumiko
5. Assorted

ABS, PVC, Paper

■ Target age
15 years old or older

■Country of manufacture
Made in China

Planning and Production / Publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

*Please make a reservation after understanding the contents of the following [★ Contents].

*You cannot choose the contents.
*There is a possibility that the contents will be covered.

[Remarks] The image on
is a sample under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

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