Gracemate Poppy Car Poppy ♪ Miniature Light


Familiar with "Poppy in the car♪"!

The liquid air freshener for cars, which is very popular in Europe, is now available from Ken Elephant as a miniature mascot that looks just like the real thing! !

*This is a box type product containing 6 pieces.

6 types in total
No.2001 [Kinmokusei]
No.2003[Bouquet]No.8003【LAVENDER】(Overseas model)
No.8005【JASMIN】(Overseas model)
No.8011【CHERRY】(Overseas model)

*Please make a reservation after understanding the contents of [★Contents] below.

About the contents
*You cannot choose the contents.
*There is a possibility that the contents may be covered.
*Batteries are disposable and cannot be replaced. Thank you for your understanding.

・The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.
・Published information is subject to change.