Pokkoshi Figure Collection Vol.1 BOX



*This is a complete box product containing 6 pieces.

Strange but adorable!
Pokkoshi creatures living in a miniature world.

In addition to the figures included in the capsule version, this boxed version includes a gorgeous optional set!

6 types in total
1. Cow + treasure chest (blue)/shell
2. Mushishi + dark beer/fish (Yaki)
3. Payapaya + ball, teddy bear, bucket, fish
4. Honya + treasure chest (red), acorn 5.Kunya + Beer and Oniiku
6.Poppon & Poppin +Kiristock table

*See [★ contents below] Regarding】【★Please note】Please make a reservation after understanding the contents.

About the contents
・A complete box with all types.
・Distribution of bonus stickers has ended.

・The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.
・Published information is subject to change.

Character design by Munyu

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