Pan Robo Figure Collection Vol. 4 Onigiri Boya No Tabidachi


*This is a box type product containing 6 pieces.

Bread Thief is
She is a big thief looking for her delicious bread from all over the world.

...But what on earth is this rice ball for her?

Author Profile
Keiko Shibata
Born in Kochi Prefecture. His picture book works include the ``Meganeko'' series (Henjisha), the ``Polar Bear'' series (PHP Institute), and the ``Bread Robber'' series (KADOKAWA).

5 types in total
1. Onigiri Boya
2. Father
*One of three types of rice balls is included with 1. Onigiri Boya and 2. Father.
3. Mother
4. Sutton *Comes with a pedestal.
5. His new self
Lucky item. Three Daruma dolls *Randomly included.

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