Pure cafe acrylic charm vol.2


純喫茶アクリルチャーム vol.2 純喫茶アクリルチャーム vol.2 純喫茶アクリルチャーム vol.2 純喫茶アクリルチャーム vol.2 純喫茶アクリルチャーム vol.2

*This is a capsule type product containing 6 pieces.

The second installment of "Pure Cafe Akrim Charm" supervised by Rina Namba.
We have carefully selected 6 well-known cafes from among the many existing cafes, and made 3 series acrylic charms of their popular menus.
All types come with a napkin charm with the logo of each pure cafe. You can also remove the acrylic charm from the wire ring and rearrange it.
Make your own original Akrim charm and carry it around!

All 6 types
01. Cafe Sunshine Omelet Rice
People who are aiming for pancakes these days However, the omelet rice beautifully wrapped in a frying pan, the traditional pudding, and the exquisitely stir-fried Neapolitan are all flavors that you will never forget once you try them.
The second generation also achieved an achievement of 5th place in Japan in the coffee hand drip championship.

02.Cafe Soiree Jelly Punch
Means "evening party" and "wonderful night" in French Store name. The space, which was created in the image of a church, is illuminated by soft blue light.
What you want to try in such a romantic space is the ``drinkable jewel'' jelly punch, which has five different colors of jelly floating in gentle carbonated water.

03. Cafe New Prince Showa Retro Pudding
The original Misora ​​Hibari collector items are scattered and powerful Singing voices were the background music, but it has reopened after a short period of closure.
The new popular menu item is the pudding made by the third generation. The cute appearance of the cream and red cherries is just as delicious.

04. Cafe Bridge His Melon Pancakes
"We have a menu that will surprise our customers." Melon pancakes were born from the second generation's hospitality.
Currently, the third generation has inherited this idea, and they are particular about the combination of dough and cream, and the deliciousness has also been enhanced.
Don't miss this impressive cut full of melons.

05. Coffee Shop Unzen Pancakes
Lights only on Sundays and holidays, right after opening A shop with long lines.
The surface is crispy and the dough is chewy. These delicious pancakes are not heavy and will leave you wanting more.
The tiles on the floor in the back, which were once an air raid shelter, are also a must-see.

06.Cafe Kojo Banana Parfait
Befitting the signboard that says "High class cafe", The interior of the store is filled with the first generation's commitment to "using the real thing."
Enjoy a classic parfait in a luxurious interior with marble pillars and walls, dazzling chandeliers, and side-by-side "romance seats" inspired by bullet trains.

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Supervision: Pure Cafe Collection Rina Namba
Planning and production/distributor: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.