My Little Bunny / Tororoen



My Little Bunny / とろろ園

My Little Bunny / とろろ園
My Little Bunny / とろろ園
Art piece "My Little Bunny" by Tororoen

Material: Soft vinyl
Production: Hollow Workshop

[Body] H130×W180×D90mm
[BOX] H175×W215×D120mm

Soft Vinyl

Kotao Tomozawa + Mimiyo Tomozawa, DNA art unit formed in 2019. Kotao finishes the plump Mimiyo original with oil painting.

Kotao Tomozawa (kotao tomozawa)
Painter. Born in Bordeaux, France in 1999. He creates unique portraits that intertwine slime-like substances and organic motifs.

Mimiyo Tomozawa (mimiyo tomozawa)
Manga, illustration. Jim O'Rourke's "Eureka" jacket illustration, Nakano Broadway's "Tacoche" sign, etc.


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