Special set to commemorate the release of “Copycat Dance” / Mameko Maeda





Mameko Maeda's first A special set to commemorate the release of the picture book "Copycat Dance".
A card with the artist's autograph is included as a limited bonus.

The 2WAY bag is the perfect size to hold picture books and dancing shoes.
It is designed so that you can enjoy going out and taking dance lessons with the main character "Puppi" who loves dancing.

This set is recommended for celebrations and gifts for the new school year.

[Set contents]
・Picture book "Imitation Dancer" (with autograph card)
・2WAY bag
・3-piece can badge set
・3-piece sticker set

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Picture book: approx.W180mm x H180mm x D14mm
Signed card: approx.W150mm x H135mm
Can badge: ``Large'' approx. 55mm in diameter ``Small'' approx. 30mm in diameter Sticker set: [Rectangle] Approximately W105mm x H72mm [Round] Approximately 63mm in diameter [Green background] Approximately W60mm x 63mm


Mameko Maeda
Born in Tokyo in 1993. She started working as an illustrator and artist in 2020. Influenced by the dance she learned as a child, she became interested in expressions using her body, and created a figure with a plump body, focusing on the beauty of the firmness and wrinkles created by the expansion and contraction of the body. is drawing.

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