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Today, I was basking in the sun with Raigon at the shrine.
Komawan, the divine beast guardian dog that watches over everyone, is horned and unshaped.
Although he looks like a puppy, he is a strong and gentle guardian dog.
I usually bask in the sun with my buddy Raigon, but in fact, Raigon always watches over me so that evil things don't get close.
There are various charm points, but I personally like the mallow eyebrows and the bushy chest hair.
It has flaming, soul-like shapes on its feet, and a large, burning tail.
Rumor has it that she looks cute, but when she gets serious, she's incredibly strong.

White jade will be released in conjunction with "Toy Taste" to be held in Taiwan from Friday, June 30th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2023.

Size: H155mm
Hikari Bambi / hikaribambi
Freelance illustrator and character designer.
In addition to commercial production of corporate characters such as Nikon Corporation's official character "Nikon-chan" and game illustrations,
As a creator, I mainly work on the original characters "Kuma no Kumakuma", "Sakanatori", and "Kaiju Nemuke"
In Japan, he participates in events such as Seibu Sogo and Loft.
Collaborations such as Mazinger Z, Devilman, Ultraman, and Cyborg 009 are also being developed.
Overseas, he participates in art toy events and holds exhibitions in places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, the United States, and Thailand.

A colorful, pop and lively character, who sees it and picks it up
Aiming to create something like a vitamin that makes you feel warm and energetic.

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