Asami Tomite✗Keiko Nomura Heaven HEAVEN Special Edition Box




Heaven HEAVEN Special Edition Box

To commemorate the publication of Asami Tomite and Keiko Nomura's collection of works ``Heaven HEAVEN'', a special edition of ``Heaven HEAVEN'' will be available on the Ken Elephant directly managed EC site operated by the publisher Ken Ele Books. We will be selling a limited number of boxes.

In addition to the work collection ``Heaven HEAVEN'', the box also includes a giclee portrait of Asami Tomite by Keiko Nomura, which is not included in the collection (photo acrylic specification, 1 piece out of 3 types). (you choose) and 3 postcards of works not included in the collection will be delivered in a special box.
Giclee works include autographs and edition numbers from Asami Tomite and Keiko Nomura.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only. The composition of the actual giclée work may vary slightly.

*Product specifications are subject to change.

・Collection of works
・A5 size giclee (select 1 out of 3 types・photo acrylic specification, edition number・autographed・work certificate included)
・3 bonus postcards
・Special box included

“Heaven HEAVEN” special site


Ami Tomite

She passed the idol group audition in 2009 and entered the entertainment industry.
She later became an actress, gaining experience in acting by performing on many stages.
“Shinjuku Swan” “Real Onigokko” “Minna! It's an Esper! ” (both 2015) and her first leading role, “Anti-Porn” (2017), which attracted attention.
She recently played Naoko Yamamoto in the Netflix original drama ``Naked Director'' (2019/2021), and her further success is expected.

Keiko Nomura|Keiko Nomura

In 1999, her first photo book ``DEEP SOUTH'' with the theme of Okinawa was released by Little More.
She held a photo exhibition of the same name at Shibuya Parco Gallery. For this work, she won the Japan Photographic Association Newcomer Award and the Higashikawa Award for New Artist.
He has also published numerous collections of personal works, including photo books of actors, such as "Monthly Mitsushima Hikari" (2010) and "Monthly Tomite Asami" (2019), and has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. are doing.
She has also published many other publications related to travel, music, and food. In 2019, she won the Tadahiko Hayashi Photography Award. She is currently based in Okinawa.


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