One Drop of Black Oshima Tsuyoshi Signed book with bonus



Recommended by Shinichi Nakazawa!! A limited number of autographed books by Japan's leading tribal tattoo artist, Tsun Oshima, with bonus postcards, will be sold in limited quantities.

This book is about to usher in a new era of tattooing. Beautiful magical patterns containing the power of nature are carved directly into the skin and worn deeply. Tribal tattoos open a channel of powerful beauty between humans and nature. A new costume discovered by humans living in the urban civilization of the 21st century! --Shinichi Nakazawa

His career as a tattooist began as a backpacker's way of earning money for travel expenses, and eventually led to field work in search of ethnic tattoos from around the world. It developed into , and further connected to the Jomon period beyond time and space. A record of the travels of Japan's leading tattoo artist, Tsuyoshi Oshima, depicting the real customs, history, and current state of tribal tattoos.

This book includes portraits of the author's representative tattoo works, taken by KENTA UMEDA, between the main text about tribal tattoos from various countries. As an EC sales benefit, we will include a postcard of a cut not included in this book by KENTA UMEDA.

international shipping is available.

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Bibliographic information

Title: A Drop of Black Traveling Tribal Tattoo
Publisher: Ken Ere Books
Released by: Kraken Lab
ISBN: 978-4-909313-15-7
Release date: June 2022 23rd
Format: 400 pages, regular paperback
Price: ¥2,640 (tax included)


Taku Oshima

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1970. Head of tattoo studio "APOCARIPT".
Specializes in tribal tattoos and blackwork, which are all-black patterns. He travels to research the remaining ethnic tattoos around the world and incorporates them into modern tattoo designs. In 2016, together with journalist Keroppi Maeda, he started a project called ``JOMON TRIBE'' to creatively revive the writings of the Jomon period into the modern era.


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