Picture book “Krisaburo”



The three chestnut brothers, a gem of a story that "connects lives"
The three chestnut brothers, who are close friends, are having fun playing sumo today as well. The youngest ``Kurisaburo'' is small and always loses, but one day he gets hit with a thorn and no one can fight him because he is afraid of the thorn. One day, Kurisaburo, who became invincible, came across a hungry bear and his cub.
Now, what actions did the three brothers take?

My dearestKuritachi
What she does and what she doesn't do
She's always nearby
Kayoko Yoshizawa (singer-songwriter)

This is a picture book in which the three chestnut brothers and a bear are lovingly drawn with a unique form and material. This work, based on character settings that take advantage of the characteristics of chestnuts and bears, is a story that considers the growth of Kurisaburo and the state of nature, and conveys the importance of thinking from the perspective of others.

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Book title: Kurisa Burou
Author: Toshiyuki Fukuda
Editor: Hiroko Yoshida
Design: Nariyuki Sakaida
Format: A4 size variant/hardcover
Number of pages: 32 pages
List price: 1,600 yen + tax
Publication schedule: October 24, 2022
ISBN 978-4-910315-20-1

Toshiyuki Fukuda

Illustrator. Born in Osaka in 1967. After studying under Mr. Kunio Sato at Spoon Co., Ltd., he started working as a freelance illustrator. He is active in a wide range of areas including book illustrations, advertisements, CD jackets, and packaging. His major books include ``Toshiyuki Fukuda's Works Collection'' and ``Finland with Toshiyuki Fukuda'' (both published by Genkosha), and his picture books include ``Seymour the Mouse'' (written by Akiko Ikeda/Akane Shobo) and ``When I Heard That Person Sing.'' 'No' (Text by Takaki Horikome/888 Books), etc. Cover illustrations for popular works such as ``52 Hertz Whales'' (written by Sonoko Machida) and ``Clara and the Sun'' (authored by Kazuo Ishiguro), designs for the textile brand ``Jufu'', and the 122 animals of Nanki Shirahama Adventure World. He also handles the character design for the body.



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