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The topic of this book has been adopted for the NHK program "Road to Regular Programming" and is now a hot topic of conversation! A limited number of signed copies of this book, which includes energetic works and interviews with the "super-aging artists," will be available for purchase.

In the age of 100 years of life, the creative power of artists who "transcend aging" will be on display.
The term "super-elderly art" was coined by the author to describe those who are vigorously pursuing their artistic activities after or even in their old age. This book contains all-color photographs of works and interviews with 25 carefully selected artists of very old age. The book explores the lives of these artists, who have experienced not only success but also various losses in their long lives, including the death of loved ones, poverty, and natural disasters, and how and why they sublimate these experiences into their art.
The author, the only "outsider curator" in Japan, explores hints for living a long and happy life in the age of 100 years.
The brilliantly named "Chourei Geijutsu" (art of the super-aged) and its many splendid works of art. The hidden lion's den has been opened up at once! The lions that have been hiding in the shadows are now unleashed! Let's go to the other side of the extreme to enjoy the items of the very old who never cut corners from corner to corner.
---Kukki! (Wild Bombs)

As a purchase privilege, a postcard of the recorded work "Shiingekino Taraba" will be attached.
Bibliographic information

Title: The Art of the aged
Publisher: Kraken Lab
ISBN: 978-4-910315-26-3
Release date: July 31, 2023
Format: A5 size, landscape/Codex binding
Number of pages: 304
Price: ¥3,080 (tax included)


Nobumasa Kushino

Born in Hiroshima in 1976.
In 2016, he became independent to establish "Kushino Terrace," a space specializing in outsider art, and has been searching for and interviewing artists who have yet to be recognized.
In 2021, he will be appointed Chief Program Director of the Arts Council Shizuoka. He received the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at the 2021 Furusato Zukuri Grand Prix sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


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