Knitting ☆ Horinouchi x Haruna Sudo collaboration knit bag



This is a collaboration knit bag between the knit artist "Knitting☆Horinouchi" and the painter "Haruna Sudo".

Knitters☆Horinouchi has recreated this in knit based on the canvas work exhibited at Haruna Sudo's solo exhibition "MAGIC GONE" held at VINYL in 2022.
This is a double-sided version of ERI and RIKA that appear in the MAGIC GONE series.

Width 33cm, height 35cm, handle 52cm

Material: Outer fabric: 65% cotton, 35% polyester, Inner fabric: 100% cotton
Knitting☆Horinouchi/ AMIMONO★HORINOUCHI @amimono_horinouchi
Born in 1967. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design Institute, he became a graphic designer.
Started working as a knitting artist in ``Knitting☆Horinouchi'' Meiho around 2012.
He uses a home knitting machine to create knitted items. MEDICOM
since 2018
Knit brand "KNIT GANG COUNCIL" with TOY has also started.

Haruna SUDO @soujoh_
I mainly draw monochrome human figures with an emphasis on fashion, stories, and facial expressions.
What I am thinking about is a person who embraces the icon of a "girl" that has been talked about from other people's perspectives in their own context and interpretation, and how to live as they please based on that. .

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