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Seat belts are not only strong as a material, but they are also beautiful to look at. It comes in a variety of weaving styles, and its luster gives it a luxurious feel. This bow tie takes advantage of the material of seatbelts.
《 1 》As you can see in the image, the seat belts that have been removed at junk car factories come in a variety of colors and fabric sewing methods, and it is said that there are over 300 different types of black seat belts alone. Masu.

《 2 》The fabric of the seat belt has a luxurious luster similar to silk, but unlike silk, it does not lose its shape and maintains its ribbon-shaped shape. Masu.

■ Material: Seat belt/hardware

Excel in strength and robustness, seat belts are also beautiful to look at. Though there are various weaving methods. the gloss on the surface of the product brings a high-end feeling.It is a bow tie which harnesses a feeling of the seat belt.

``NEWSED'' is an upcycle brand that revives old items as something new by looking at them from a new perspective.
To date, we have produced a variety of products that utilize scraps from xylophone keyboards and seatbelts, including "Acryl Tag Plate," which is made from acrylic scraps from factories that make accessory parts and store fixtures. We are developing and manufacturing.
We don't just make use of materials, we develop products by focusing on the production background behind waste materials and offcuts, and creating a story about why they are reborn in that form.

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