CAPTURE. / VINYL limited color / Yoji Shimoda



“Mograg Gallery”, a gallery that advocates “Japanese lowbrow art” and develops its own artist network, and Hollow Kobo have teamed up to create a series “Parallel Donut” that pursues new possibilities of soft vinyl expression. Donuts-”

Yoji Shimoda's original design "CAPTURE." is now three-dimensional.
The cap is removable.

This is a VINYL limited color.

Painter/The man who dissolves all things
As a child, he became interested in the way liquid flows (nosebleeds) and began his creative activities. He has provided works to various artists and large music festivals regardless of genre, and has created live paintings at the venues. Currently, he focuses on creating ART works such as illustrations and acrylic paintings, and his own brand ``INC NOXXX SCREAMING'' is currently developing a variety of original items that look strange.

Instagram: @yozi_shimoda
Twitter: @INC_YoziShimoda
Web :

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