[Free shipping/Bonus included] Masa, Muumu, Ken-chan, Paopao 4 types set / 3rd color / Nami Makita




"Mama, Muumu, Kenchan, Paopao 4 types set / 3rd color / Nami Makita"

From the work of Nami Makita, who draws colorful illustrations of girls and animals with an original touch.
It was pre-sold at "TaipeiToyFes (TTF)" held at the end of May.

Produced by our own soft vinyl studio in Tokyo "Hollow Kobo" Made of soft vinyl

Free shipping within Japan
First come, first served will receive a set of 2 types of finger puppets (color cannot be chosen).

Masai/Mumemu H70mm
Ken-chan H95mm
Paopao H80mm


Namina Makita

The characters have softer forms and a somewhat retro feel than when they were attending art university. I draw illustrations and comics. She is also active as a freelance illustrator.


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